Peregrine Team

Our team grew out of an academic collaboration between two KAUST labs that focus on regenerative medicine (Prof. Mo Li) and computational biology (Prof. Xin Gao), respectively. Professor Mo Li’s group is working on the development of novel targeted sequencing technologies to study human genetic diseases and genome editing. His group developed several molecular biology techniques to enrich any regions of interest in the human genome for third-generation single-molecule sequencing. Professor Xin Gao’s group developed a set of novel signal-level analysis tools for the Nanopore third-generation sequencing. These novel tools provide accurate genetic variants information at a low sequencing coverage. For the first time, our combined technologies enable accurate and cost-effective sequencing of relevant genes and genomes in real time with portable devices anywhere on earth. We believe our innovations will accelerate the development of genomic medicine in the kingdom and improve the healthcare of the general population.

Peregrine Genomics
Accurate Biomedical Genomics Anywhere Anytime

Accurate, Real-time, Accessible

Vision 2030
In line with Vision 2030, our technology will accelerate the development of genome medicine and improve the healthcare of the Saudi population.